Saturday, August 21, 2010

A vermin in Tehran called Ahmadinejad

Tehran was always my kind of place, a city with life even in the middle of the night, those jasmines and pine trees always smelled wonderful, I always loved Tehran, never felt left alone in Tehran, Tehran is my place of birth and life.
Today when I read the news I feel devastated that those beautiful streets with those beautiful people are labelled as terrorists because of unjust and dictator regime Islamic republic of Iran.

Didn’t we have enough of this already? I think we have, but recently Khamenei‘s monkey decided to ridicule something else beside holocaust and that was 9/11. This vermin believes that he doesn’t believe 3000 People died in 9/11 !!! this ashamed me deeply, I usually don’t care about this selected animal from the house of Khamenei but his recent remarks are putting Iran in eminent danger.

American public who have no idea what Iranians look like, will target poor Iranians and ask for the destruction of Iran, but we should speak up and say this guy has never been our representative and this regime has never been our elected regime, it is just we are taken hostage by these Mullahs and their Jihadists for 31 miserable years and we can’t move a muscle. We are not terrorists, we value Freedom as much as you do and we paid a hefty price for it.

We lost our best soldiers and best officers dying with the hands of Islamists and now this anti-Iranian regime is aiming for destruction of Iran.
Yet there is another problem in the white house, A President is sitting on the oval office that doesn’t look like Americans anymore. He is nothing but a representative of Saudi wealth when they funded his election. He still extend his hands to Mullahs, the very mullahs who kill American soldiers in Iraq on the daily basis, the very Mullahs who plant Hezbollah cells in south America specially in Venezuela and Mexico. Sometimes I ask myself is this a joke or is it a reality?!

The world is turning upside down; everybody wore a mask, what went wrong with humanity? Now it really scares me off when I hear that Iranian regime is one of the founders of the Mosque to be built near ground zero. Is this for real?! What is happening to America??

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