Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Repressing Iranians

This wave of repression from Islamic Regime of Iran toward Iranian people has become so severe that affects people in every step of their daily life, from arresting innocent students to suppress the different layers of society, they try to minimize the people freedom in every aspect of their life whether it is a personal space or the wedding ceremony of young people.

The reason behind all this repression and pressure toward society is to bring the shadow of fear and anxiety in every Iranian national, to let people know there is religious fanatic government above them and every movement toward freedom is blocked by capture and torture.

Even they would react severely to the bridal caravans if the bride is not following Islamic cover codes, today when Ahmadinejad talks about freedom and justice in Iran, it makes me wonder what justice and what freedom?

Today we have a Shiat Taliban in Iran , this Taliban is even worse than any kind, because it is a government and has access to the latest military technology, today this theocratic regime wants to access the nuclear weapons and destroy his infidel enemies in the world, as he started killing infidels from inside. Tomorrow when they are done with inside enemies they will come to their outside enemies.

This dangerous enemy of democracy is afraid of voices of freedom, therefore every Iranian citizen duty is to bring awareness to his/her society. If Iranian people don’t free their country today, we will face the drastic war on future that will destroy our homeland and bring poverty and destruction for our nation.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

هرگزنخواب کورش

هرگز نخواب کورش

دارا جهان ندارد، سارا زبان ندارد

بابا ستاره ای در هفت آسمان ندارد
کارون ز چشمه خشکید، البرز لب فرو بست

حتا دل دماوند، آتش فشان ندارد
دیو سیاه دربند، آسان رهید و بگریخت

رستم در این هیاهو، گرز گران ندارد
روز وداع خورشید، زاینده رود خشکید

زیرا دل سپاهان، نقش جهان ندارد
بر نام پارس دریا، نامی دگر نهادند

گویی که آرش ما، تیر و کمان ندارد
دریای مازنی ها، بر کام دیگران شد

نادر، ز خاک برخیز، میهن جوان ندارد
دارا کجای کاری، دزدان سرزمینت

بر بیستون نویسند، دارا جهان ندارد
آییم به دادخواهی، فریادمان بلند است

اما چه سود، اینجا نوشیروان ندارد
سرخ و سپید و سبز است این بیرق کیانی

اما صد آه و افسوس، شیر ژیان ندارد
کو آن حکیم توسی، شهنامه ای سراید

شاید که شاعر ما دیگر بیان ندارد

هرگز نخواب کوروش، ای مهر آریایی

بی نام تو، وطن نیز نام و نشان ندارد

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Fooled me once shame on you, fooled me twice shame on me!

This clone party of Islamic regime of Iran has never stopped; Now Mr. Smiley is coming to town, Unbelievable!!! .... Mr. Khatami is testing people ... he is not sure if he wanna enter the election or not... he want to hear people begging for him to come, Puppet show is started again, what a wise people choice should be?
What is the difference between Khatami and Ahmadinejad? Some people think they are different. Well .. I think they are both the products of the intelligent agency of Islamic republic of Iran. This unreal election seems so real in the world media. Some People think we have real election in Iran. There is no independent organization that runs the election, government runs it, so it doesn’t really matter who comes, even if he want to make changes he will not be allowed to do that. The supreme Leader is in charge and what he says is final. The concept of presidency in Iran is just a puppet that is being played by supreme leader and everybody knows this fact.

Today they need Mr. Khatami (or Mr. Smiley) , because they need a good pretty face in front of the world and media, so they can do whatever they are doing behind the scene, Khatami will perform in front while they make a mess in Gaza or Lebanon, and who can say this nice polite smiley man can be responsible for these crimes. For decades American Government warned the world against Islamic Regime in Iran but specially EU and others like China didn’t pay attention to this fact and maybe a big Chernobyl can change the world minds again.
Islamic Regime in Iran is a destructive force of terrorism and can destroy every democracy around and inside it. I hope Iranian people be wise enough to not go to the voting polls and abandon this government once more like they did it last time. The Islamic regime is seeing its existence in danger that’s why it goes to its alternative plans. It doesn’t matter who is the presidency candidate anymore, what matters are: is this election establishing in a democratic environment or theocratic environment? Once people lose their power nothing else matters anymore.

Islamic republic of Iran is a theocratic government and there is no real election or democracy inside Iran, so let’s not fool ourselves with BBC reports and see what is going on underneath this issue. This regime is promoting death and Jihad culture which is not Persian or Iranian but in its core is Islamic and brutal. Open your eyes people.. never trust the evil is the nice outfit.