Friday, January 30, 2009

The fact is: Religion must die for mankind to Live

Despite historical lessons and true open-minded people’s warnings to the world , most of us still believe in whatever we were born with , Whatever religion our parents were following was our default religion too, and others were certainly wrong about their own believes. Today holy wars are still in place, why can’t we simply accept others believes and just live peacefully? Have we ever thought that we might be wrong?

Religious institutions everywhere in this world are the most corrupted and most wicked organizations ever, Today priests and Mullahs and Ayatollahs don’t have a real job, they are just bunch of fat cats taking Advantages of ignorant people who simply accept everything they have been told. The people of the world should begin to search for the evidences of whatever they believe on, our world is full of violence and politics, People need to change in order to change their environment.

The human rights principles should be our principles and religion, who knows what happened some 2000 years ago when somebody came to save humanity, why today they don’t show us their miracles?

In order to have society we need an enemy. This is the slogan of these religious institutions. Although Christianity has improved and respects human rights more or less but Islam is still in the early stage. Sometimes I think when we will have this change in the Muslim world?! There are still extremists or should I say extreme extremists who promote violence and killing of innocent people who want freedom.

In these days in Afghanistan people are having internet in their cell phones and this is inspiring to watch them, how they love being free. Although my Persian land is still in the of islamists occupiers, I hope change will come soon and people change their way of thinking and be more realistic. The real world should be the world of creativity and freedom, and whoever wants to suppress people believes and thoughts should be brought to fair trials.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Gaza Crisis and Iran reactions , True Iranian Students

Although Gaza crisis and Israel continuous attacks on Gaza is sad and human casualties especially women and children are catastrophic but there are governments and people who are the cause of this human loss. Governments and people who believe peace with Israel is a mistake and Israel should be wiped out of the map of the earth.

History of humanity shows us, nations should work on the peace process rather than war, war is not the solution, Israel will stay on the map so as Palestinians, instead of killing each other, they can start the peace negotiations. Unfortunately Muslim world is not so bright to accept this fact rationally and continuous war is the result of this process of thinking.

On the other side Iranian government and its minority followers try to show the world how upset they are and started their own media shows when BBC is present in the scene. The identity of those people who were called students is unknown and in contrary to the real students behaviors. The people who entered British Embassy were not students but the minority who get paid to do the show, the mercenaries who covered with beard and once again played students role of Iran, and thanks to British Broadcasting Company the world has been informed.

All the Medias insured the message is delivered and Iranian students broke in to British Embassy and burned flags. On the other side the real students were silent and many people silence proves that Iranian people are tired of Iranian government supports for Palestinians, even though the Palestinians are innocent in this game. In different occasions Iranian people proved they have no intention to destroy Israel and they want Israel to be there for them. The history shows the deep connection between two nations from the Cyrus the great era to Iranian Jewish immigration to Israel.

Despite the Islamic regime tryouts to suppress people and their social identity, People of Iran know their historical links to Israel. They never misinterpret the enemy from friend; the only potential ally in the Middle East for Israel is Iranian people who have no hatred toward it. Therefore Israel should be aware of these differences.

Iran was ranked 166 in the Annual Worldwide Freedom of Press by the RSF, among 168 countries. How come its students have the freedom of expression? The true Iranian students are known to the real world and making TV shows is not gonna change their identity , their sacrifices and bravery is known to the whole world.