Monday, June 29, 2009

Boycott Nokia for Iran Crackdown
I write to protest Nokia for helping the Iranian regime violate the privacy of citizens and jail hundreds of peaceful protestors. Nokia recently provided the Iranian regime with an advanced digital "monitoring center" that is enabling authorities to intercept private communications and arrest hundreds. I call on Nokia to stop immediately its contract with the Iranian regime, disable its monitoring center, and explain how Iranians can circumvent the monitoring system. Until then, I will boycott Nokia products and will contact my mobile carrier to demand they no longer sell Nokia products. I refuse to help fund the Iranian regime’s crackdown.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Evil have prevailed: A shocking Coup d'├ętat in IRAN election 2009

Today June 13 of the year 2009, An engineered Coup de tat has happened in Iran, to the shock of all Iranians their votes has been changed so dramatically that the whole Iran is in the state of shock, The green revolution has been resisted and repressed so undoubtedly that all the world is in the state of disbelief again.

Today all those green votes have been turned to red inside the closed doors. People of Iran have been convinced during the Iranian TV shows that they have a choice but after voting the majority of people to Mousavi, They have changed the results so insolently that the whole Iran is in the state of disbelieve.

The only factor that kept Iranians alive was the idea of having a real election, but today they have been proved that the final vote is the vote of supreme religious leader Aytollah Khamenei , we have witnessed the biggest fraud in the Iranian election today , as the supreme leader ordered the change of votes and as quoted from him indirectly , Saying No to Ahmadinejad means saying no to Me!!!

Today Islamic regime showed Iranian people cannot participate in their future and final decision will be made by religious leader in Iran , The third generation who have been trying to give a world a peace message despite the guardian council cut off they have been disappointed greatly.

After the election the presence of religious Police and Intelligent Service officers in Tehran and other major cities proved that the control of the streets of Iran is in the Islamic regime and they don’t tolerate the protest or any objection, Today we have lost the people power to change their destiny. Iranians rights today have been raped by the religious leader and his followers and there is no doubt they have committed fraud and undermined the people power.

Iran once again have faced Coup de tat by the cooperation of the Basij force and revolutionary guard by the order of Ayatollah Khamenei , The Fatva has been issued by Khamenei to change the votes of people behind the closed doors. What will happen to people? How people will react to this obvious fraud?

On Friday 12 june 2009 people in Iran clearly said a big No to Ahmadinajed and his supporter Ali Khamenei , Today Mousavi followers wore dark and black clothes and tried to protest in Tehran streets but majorly arrested and beaten by the religious police forces and revolutionary guard members.

Ahmadinejad who came after abandoning the election by people last time today has been elected by the soft Coup De Tat by revolutionary guard and its followers. Today an Evil has been selected again and take Iran and Iranians to the internal and external war.....

Today was a very sad day , the day democracy died in Iran.........