Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The lost kingdom

Now a days being a Persian is more difficult than ever, especially when the President Of Iran claims justice,unity and peace in United Nations, while on the other side of the world he is doing something else, prisoning, torturing and killing oppositions. The very brave and young generation who has been raised after Islamic revolution and now fighting against it, nobody can describe the dept of this new resistance that has been started from 30 years a go. Now in 2008 and in the 21st century he invites others to peace and lies in front of all the world leaders. Isn't it difficult to be a Persian now? I think we are all in the verge of freedom , and it will come to us while our nation decide to unite again. Our culture is lost in all these games and our kingdom is raged by extremists who know only how to defend Palestinian rights. What about Iranian rights? How come our teacher has to go to prison for asking more budget to be in education system and Palestinians are our priorities. I respect every person and human being for what he is but our nation has the priority over every other nation.



Dear Friends I'm so happy to start my blog for the very first time , though having a experience in writing but this blog is my first trial for writing ideas and sharing it with the citizens of the world. This blog will come around all the social and political issues around our world. Although I'm proud to be a Persian but every issue can be discussed and every topic can be a topic of the day , unlike many people who can not tolerate opposite ideas and opinion we try to practice an open environment over here.
I welcome you all to the greatest democracy of the world : INTERNET!