Friday, December 25, 2009

Exaggerations in Shirin Ebadi words angers Iranians

Despite the turmoil in Iran and the death of Ayyatullah Montazeri who was recently been praised by Green movement youth for the position he took defending prisoners and Mousavi, reformists got a new strength to ask people to come to streets again.
Although Montazer has lots of followers due to his disagreement with Khomeini he believed in Supreme leader position in the republic. Hence this is a good opportunity for oppositions to deteriorate the Islamic Regime poles, but some of the oppositions took a higher stand and exaggerated about the position of Montazeri in Iran.
One of them is Ms. Shirin Ebadi who is a Nobel peace prize winner who claimed that Montazeri is a “Father of Human Rights in Iran”, this statement angered many oppositions and youth who always considered Cyrus the Great as a Father of human rights for Iranians. Shirin Ebadi is almost unaware of what she says and is totally blind to the position most of Iranian youth have in Iran.
Unfortunately a part of opposition in Iran who are mostly considered reformists still believe political Islam can solve problems, Although I could understand that Iranian reformists are mostly unaware and walking behind the youth population who want absolute secular government and don’t want Islam to take a part in their government, Shirin Ebadi surprises me by taking an apologetic stand in the fear that she loses her popularity in the society.
Today youth although created slogans like “Religion is separate from State” and “Independent, Freedom Iranian republic” showed that what they require is a secular democratic stand of the government but unfortunately reformists are still living inside the Stone Age thinking Islam can solve political and social problems.
Although it is the Iranian youth who are paying the expensive price for coming to the streets and putting their lives in danger, reformists and apologetics to Islam are taking credit for that. Shrirn Ebadi and people like Makhmalbaf who took refuge in Europe should know that anything they say counts as a opposition voice and they should take the middle ground and hesitate to be extreme in any nature or talk about things that is not accepted by majority of students or youth of Iran.

Unfortunately exaggeration is a part of old generation of Iranian politicians because of the lack of knowledge and limited ground they have been raised. Those who deserve to run the country are secular leaders and the green movement leader is the people and the youth who take to the streets and say secularist slogans where as Mousavi , Karrubi and others can’t commit to the Green Movement leadership, or have to follow the youth going for a legitimate referendum, Although they have caused the creation of Green Movement.
Shirin Ebadi should learn not to exaggerate and stand in the middle ground, Although Montazeri was a good man compare to other savages who joined the regime but it doesn’t make him a “Father of Human Rights” anywhere in the world.

So Please Ms. Ebadi "Think before talking......."

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