Saturday, November 8, 2008

Obama's Policy toward Iran

It is clear that Iranian government is not really pleased to see genuine democracy is still functional in USA, for them who forged votes and forced pre-selected nominees for the presidency even religious leader ships, it is difficult to gasp the realities of people’s authority in United States.

When people of the world see the first African American as a leader of the new world, they believe in America again. When American flag is raised by Iraqis for the first time in history, people of Middle East will see America as a friend not an enemy!

Therefore Ahmadinejad and his religious leader are not prepared to go with Obama’s policies, for them achieving nuclear bomb means holding to their seats otherwise they will be lost in the new world order. Taking advantage of Bush mistakes made them powerful in the past and even people in Arab states worshiped them.

Since Obama’s policy is bringing peace and stability in the world, Iranian regime has a difficult way proving their innocence and rights to nuclear power. Islamic regime in Iran is condemned by the world and their way of making Iran a prison for Iranian people is no more an option. New generation of Iranians should be aware of their each movement in order to bring change in Iran. Since Arab states are thinking of democratizing their states and prepare their people for new way of life, Iranians who were pioneers of democracy in Middle East should be encouraged and prepared for the new world order.

American people once again proved that democracy is the blood in America’s veins and change is possible. Now European Union and European governments need to open their eyes and stop having business with Islamic regime in Iran. But consider the policies to support new movements in Iran.

New democracy in Iran encourages other nations in Middle East to have the same values and Islamic terrorism and theocratic governments will be forced to separate state from religion or leave the stage for the new comers who believe in human values.

The charter of human rights should be engraved in all the governments’ constitution laws in Middle East and even in the whole world and United Nations duties is to make sure they are all well implemented.

Yes We can….

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