Sunday, October 12, 2008

Khatami The Deceiver

Recently in the news it was a rumer that Mr. Khatami wants to enter future election and bring reformism again to Iran, I was thinking what a system I was exectly expecting the same trick ! Is Islamic republic of Iran ran out of alternatives?! well the answer is yes , and they are bringing this Mr. Smiley up again. Well People are much smarter than that, Khatami was the clever plan of Inteliget agency of Iran and now they are re-planning it. They need the nice smiley face in the front so they can build the Atomic bomb on the background. A peaceful man who fooled people for eight years now wants to try his chance one more time, we are damned with Ahmadinejad Presidency and he even destroyed our national identity in four miserable years. Maybe khatami can suit up with tie and show some class to the world!

What could be better than Mr. Smiley ? He follows the leader orders and he plays double side, You can see him giving handshake to Obama or president of Israel but god knows what is in his mind. If people elect him, we are starting over and giving a new life to Islamic regime , Although I am certain that election is a big show and really 90% don't vote, but showing them we are not the buyyer any more is important. I wonder why the media of the world don't report the real participants in these election shows. Nobody is there to vote but they show 70% result. I think sombody is bribing BBC again.

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