Sunday, December 18, 2011

In the Memory of Christopher hitchens

Christopher Hitchens death for me was a disaster that I could not tolerate, certainly I do not consider myself worthy of writing about him but I was his student, He was a sharp critic, a brave journalist, an excellent author and an enemy of religious bigotry and dictatorship. He was one of those who truly understood Iran and Iranians,Kurdish people struggle to overcome dictatorship and especially a critic of impotent American Left.
Through his writings he will be alive; through his videos and debates all over the Internet he will always be remembered. He was a true friend of Freedom Fighters, A voice of an oppressed people of Iran; He truly was the only one who understood Iran. He traveled to Iran several times, attended a Friday prayer and heard the Anti-American slogans of mullahs and their sheep but in the meantime he noticed that people in the streets and even Taxi drivers do not give a ride to religious people who appeared to them as a bearded religious muslims.
With His keen sense he understood the oppressed people of Iran who are tired of the theocracy of Mullahs. He was a bold supporter of war in Iraq despite the sharp critics form American Left and some of his friend but he stood by his opinion. He truly felt that Saddam dictatorship was a horrifying situation to live under. Yet American left appeasing Dictators never understand that living under the dictatorship of religious mullahs is not an easy task.
Hitchens you will always be remembered and truly missed. The reason I am sad is because nobody is ever going to replace him, I am certain in that.

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