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What is the nature of Green movement in Iran

There are many questions to be answered about Green movement in Iran; some people ask me what is it? They don’t see much difference between Mousavi and Ahmadinejad, both Islamists Candidates that guide their own Islamic philosophy, so from the observer’s perspective outside of Iran, it is just a fight between Mousavi and Ahmadinejad. Both candidates support nuclear Iran.

A focus on Green movement

A green movement started to appear from Mousavi’s campaigns that showed tolerance toward those youth in society who are mostly young generations whom are mainly middle class or even lower class who are tired of Islamic republic, governing and controlling every aspect of their lives. The campaign was supporting what people generally in Iran demand which is equality, women rights, citizenship rights and human rights, Specially educated and literate part of society that have been looking through solution with Ahmadinejad’s disaster.

They realized by abandoning election they can’t show the world that they are opposed to Islamic regime,and they can’r change their fate, Ahmadinejad showed another picture to the world by its medieval behavior toward Islamization of the world and Shia supremacy and destroying Israel. On the other side the Iranian people mainly in populated cities are modern citizens who are completely against Sharia laws enforced against them that violates their privacy and citizenship rights.

Although new generation of youth are mostly modern and moderate Muslims but a big part of this group are secular youth who are challenging Islamic regime vigorously, these huge population of youth are solely hate Mullahs and challenge them intelligently. Their demands are a secular democratic government based on Iranian values not Islamic values. Even those Moderate Muslims demand for a democratic government which values Iranian or Persian values rather than Islamic values.

Lost budgets under Ahmadinejad presidency convinced people that their oil money and main income of the government goes toward Islamic groups all over the globe and terrorist groups such as Hamas and Hezbullah and Iranian people don’t get anything from their country income.

Mousavi gave a hope to people and promised to privatize the oil company and take it out of revolutionary guards hands and Ahmadinejad organization thieves and hand over the control of the oil money to people, this threatens the very existence of Supreme Leader and it’s huge organization for feeding it’s subordinates that are revolutionary guards, Hezbullah groups in Iran and Hard liners who have hands in all the transactions nationally or internationally.

On the Other side Karoobi and Mousavi who were reformist candidates did not show any animosity toward each other, Though they have tried to bring new solutions to the problem, encouraging those passive people who were majority silent to participate in their future affairs. Despite the fact that all candidates are washed-up through the Guardian Council filter, Karoubi and mousavi by being a former head of Majlis(Parliament) and former prime minister could not be blocked by them.

Mousavi produced an intact program and a detailed agenda to encourage the passive population to participate in election. By rising awareness and TV debates those passive populations decided to participate, and for the majority of them the reason was to not let Ahmadnejad come back to power and the rest wasn’t that important. The reason of this philosophy was that the reformists had a change of eight years through Khatami presidency and couldn’t do much to change the nature of Islamic regime and since the supreme leader literally decides on all the affairs, people could not do much to bring change fundamentally in their government.

Huge number of people participated in the election and mostly were in favor of Mousavi and Karoubi, yet they couldn’t imagine the election fraud, since reformist candidates mentioned that election can not be rigged if participation is high.

But election was rigged despite all the speculations, in 2005, election was rigged but since people banned the election it wouldn’t be a serious matter but in 2009 election, it was majorly rigged. There are statistical analysis that points out election results claimed by ministry of interior was hastily published less than 10 hours and the numbers were not making any sense. Revolutionary Guards and their goons Basijis were in favor of Ahmadinejad by completely destroying the real votes and changing it with in favor of Ahmadinejad. Even though it was completely naked to the Iranian people, Media even foreign media could not have confirmed it.

Angry people came out to the streets to protest their rights, they were outraged by the Islamic regime playing with their cards, though the supreme leader bragged about the high participation of Iranian people and assessed it as a confirmation of Islamic Regime by Iranian people. By the night of election Police and security forces started a maneuver to bring all their forces to street with the excuse of security assurance show off.

By the morning where angry people came to the streets of Tehran security forces were in shock to know the groups of people are too big to deal with, night and days of clashes and finally a day came that Mousavi asked people to come out and participate in the peace protest, though despite 30 years of oppression people were scared to show up but three million Iranians showed up in the streets of Tehran from revolution square to Freedom square. Islamic regime and above all supreme leader found itself in dangerous situation. Different clashes between people and security forces caused huge embarrassments for the Islamic regime.

Neda died on a 40 seconds video that shocked the world then they had to let go of all the foreign eyes out of Iran so they can clean up the mess they caused, even Al Arabia network were not allowed to cover any news from inside Iran. Revolutionary guards and police and Basij forces rooming around in black and camouflage suits causing horror for citizens, Attacking university dorms and killing students was one of the incidents then they turned on to regular people, huge number of arrests were made and brought for torturing and killing, different numbers of rapes have been reported, until today they are coming out. One of the old tricks of Islamic regime has been practiced nationally, creating horror to frighten people thus people would go back to their business and lives.

Yet people found themselves, a dead nation whom were majorly silent and could not change anything triggered and found themselves in this heinous crimes of Islamic regime, this rage burst in to massive street unrests and almost three weeks of street clashes between people and Islamic army. Those who were killed quietly buried in mass graves and those who couldn’t be hidden any more were buried with government full security measures with their families. Yet peaceful street protestors were tortured and killed, all their protests were silent and meaningful, cleverly nationalized movements.

Ahmadinejad brought about an unlimited hatred Iranians always had against him and his supreme leader. Being psychologically unstable Ahmadinejad took the president seat that has been guaranteed with lots of blood on it.

Though government banned the foreign media from reporting inside Iran, Iranians took a liberty for the first time of capturing and reporting videos themselves, through their small mobile cameras, they were showing the world what is happening inside Iran on youtube, Yet another ridicules act of revolutionary guards that announced that will arrest and punish those who film the unrest and put it on youtube and other online medias, Internet were almost shut down and SMS services were completely shut for 32 days.

The world was in shock, what is happening inside Iran, Even President Obama could not stay quiet and published an statement, although it was weak but quiet effective, later on Obama showed no interest on talking about unrest cause his agenda was to talk to the Islamic regime, I will talk about Obama’s agenda later on another article, why the leader of the free world stayed quiet.

From an outsider point of view, Iranian post election unrest was just a simple disagreement between reformists and extremists but it was a new step toward democratic Iran, everybody knows Islamic regime of Iran is not reform able, yet those clergy still resisting and trying to convince the masses to try for reformist approach rather than changing the complete structure of it. But people movement toward election unrest and late slogans says the different story. The slogan of (Esteghlal Azadi Jomhurieh Irani) “Independence , freedom , Iranian republic has it’s own secularist meaning, they changed the slogan from” Islamic republic” to “Iranian republic”.

Lots of Media and spokes men hesitate to consider this issue as concurrent or even Mousavi campaign rejected those slogans. But the fact remains that the clever Iranians were far passed Mousavi’s intentions, they want democratic Iran and a secular government. Mousavi was far behind the young generation, this new movement demands a new leader ship one student spoke’s man said.

Yet Karrubi’s resistance toward killing and torturing peaceful protestors completely destroyed the Islamic regime reputation of being a republic and legitimate system, Brave Karrubi did not stayed quiet, though lots of Anti-regime clergies stayed quiet. The reason is If Iran become a democracy, Mullahs interests on every aspect of their lives will be destroyed, Mullahs well know that if people get an access to free speech and freedom of information nobody would listen to their ceremonies and political Islam. Still they can’t come out and freely live among people like there use to do even before Islamic regime.

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