Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ahmadinejad amd Geneva anti-racism Clown Party

Sometimes I think why Iranian president should oppose Israeli government? In the Iran history we never had Israel as an enemy or Israel is not a threat for Iran. The question is why Ahmadinejad is trying to make Iranian people and government an official enemy of Israel?

It is because in order to have Islamic regime or I should say a theocratic regime you need to have an enemy. Israel is not a threat to Iran but it is a media gizmo for Islamic regime to gain popularity in Arab and Muslim world, since Iranian people are not mainly religious and support the secular establishment of the government, Islamic regime of Iran is trying to seek its popularity outside of Iran.

There is a historical connection between Israeli people and Iranians since Cyrus the great freed Israeli tribe from their Babylonian capturers and let them go back to their promised land. Israel has never been a danger but could be a good friend of Iran, but since this regime occupied Iran with its deadly forces to kill freedom fighters need to find an enemy like Israel to promote its objectives to the Arab and specifically angry Moslem world.

I would not understand why UN would allow such a person like Ahmadinejad who is not respecting human rights specially his own people rights by torturing them and killing them to speak in Geneva? Is UN secretary blind to see these facts that the speaker is a major violator of human rights?

It is like allowing Hitler to talk in UN and promote his version of racism!! Yes Ahmadinejad and his kinds are the new Islamic Nazis who think every infidel should be dead or convert to their believes. Why Europe still insist of having business relation with this clown?

UN should ban Ahmadinejad and his colleagues to even attend these gatherings, and Mr. Ahmadinejad should go to Palestine and join his own kinds like Fatah and Hezbullah. Ahmadinejad is symbol of racism and how he can give solutions in the anti-racism gathering in Geneva?

Long live Israel Long live Iran..................

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