Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Repressing Iranians

This wave of repression from Islamic Regime of Iran toward Iranian people has become so severe that affects people in every step of their daily life, from arresting innocent students to suppress the different layers of society, they try to minimize the people freedom in every aspect of their life whether it is a personal space or the wedding ceremony of young people.

The reason behind all this repression and pressure toward society is to bring the shadow of fear and anxiety in every Iranian national, to let people know there is religious fanatic government above them and every movement toward freedom is blocked by capture and torture.

Even they would react severely to the bridal caravans if the bride is not following Islamic cover codes, today when Ahmadinejad talks about freedom and justice in Iran, it makes me wonder what justice and what freedom?

Today we have a Shiat Taliban in Iran , this Taliban is even worse than any kind, because it is a government and has access to the latest military technology, today this theocratic regime wants to access the nuclear weapons and destroy his infidel enemies in the world, as he started killing infidels from inside. Tomorrow when they are done with inside enemies they will come to their outside enemies.

This dangerous enemy of democracy is afraid of voices of freedom, therefore every Iranian citizen duty is to bring awareness to his/her society. If Iranian people don’t free their country today, we will face the drastic war on future that will destroy our homeland and bring poverty and destruction for our nation.

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