Friday, January 30, 2009

The fact is: Religion must die for mankind to Live

Despite historical lessons and true open-minded people’s warnings to the world , most of us still believe in whatever we were born with , Whatever religion our parents were following was our default religion too, and others were certainly wrong about their own believes. Today holy wars are still in place, why can’t we simply accept others believes and just live peacefully? Have we ever thought that we might be wrong?

Religious institutions everywhere in this world are the most corrupted and most wicked organizations ever, Today priests and Mullahs and Ayatollahs don’t have a real job, they are just bunch of fat cats taking Advantages of ignorant people who simply accept everything they have been told. The people of the world should begin to search for the evidences of whatever they believe on, our world is full of violence and politics, People need to change in order to change their environment.

The human rights principles should be our principles and religion, who knows what happened some 2000 years ago when somebody came to save humanity, why today they don’t show us their miracles?

In order to have society we need an enemy. This is the slogan of these religious institutions. Although Christianity has improved and respects human rights more or less but Islam is still in the early stage. Sometimes I think when we will have this change in the Muslim world?! There are still extremists or should I say extreme extremists who promote violence and killing of innocent people who want freedom.

In these days in Afghanistan people are having internet in their cell phones and this is inspiring to watch them, how they love being free. Although my Persian land is still in the of islamists occupiers, I hope change will come soon and people change their way of thinking and be more realistic. The real world should be the world of creativity and freedom, and whoever wants to suppress people believes and thoughts should be brought to fair trials.

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